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A Few More Days

Good news, hopefully anemia will not be controlling my day much longer! I am scheduled to get my first infusion this Thursday. Which is great, because even with the occasional iron pill and daily drinking of the prune, Rasin, grape, and date drink, my hemoglobin is quickly dropping, and it is becoming harder to do even simple task like eating without becoming short of breath. My iron is getting so low that even though I am spending a few minutes in the sun nearly every day to get some natural vitamin D, I am becoming as pale as a ghost.

I am still not a fan of spending most of my day hooked up to an IV, but at this point it is an answer to prayer. It will be so nice to be able to do simple things like stand up and walk down the hallway or get something out of the microwave without becoming winded. While there are many big things, I want to do like complete 5 minutes of exercise on my total gym without gasping for breath or spending ten or fifteen minutes a day completing my next poetry or story book, it is the simple things of life that I am looking forward to.

I am so tired of feeling like a wilted tree that has no power to fulfill its regal calling and proudly lift its branches toward heaven.

Each time my iron drops so low, I am reminded how easily we forget the many little gifts that God has granted us. The ability to eat without feeling like you are going to suffocate, to bend down without fearing that your breath will be completely taken away, or comfortably walk a few feet without hyperventilating are all too often taken for granted. Too often we spend our lives chasing the big gifts, and think ourselves ill-used and believe that our prayers have been ignored because we do not receive the big bonus that we deserved, the funds to take our dream vacation, get a promotion, or some other desire of our heart.

Meanwhile God may have granted us the best gift of all, good health. The ability to walk and run any time we desire. The ability to work hard without becoming a quivering ball of pain, and to fall asleep each night with the ease of a tired newborn rocked in its parents’ arms. How many of us are wasting precious time dwelling upon what we do not have, and forgetting all that we do have?

There is nothing wrong with wanting the good things of life such as a new house or car, working hard and reaping the rightful rewards. But we forget that there is more to life than riches and power. We forget that God’s focus is not this ephemeral life that today is, and tomorrow is gone, but is seeking to fit us for His eternal kingdom.

Sadly, sometimes it takes a period of trail and suffering, or a strong bout of anemia, to remind us that the whole time we were mourning our lack of blessings, God had been pouring out a sea of blessings and we were just to blind to our singular desire to notice.