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Happy Thanksgiving

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I hope that you and your family are enjoying a wonderful day of giving thanks to God for all of his wonderful blessings and the millions of ways that He takes care of you and your family all year long.

Also here is a fun turkey Nanogram to add to the fun of this wonderful day of thanks.

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Fun Fall Themed Sudoku Pack

It is finally beginning to feel a bit like fall where I live. I am so excited because the heat of summer and I are not the best of friends. To celebrate the change in weather, I created a fall themed sudoku pack that is perfect for children, beginners, and sudoku logic puzzles fans.

The pack contains 5 of each of the following types of Sudoku puzzles

  • Very Easy 4 by 4
  • Easy 4 by 4
  • Hard 4 by 4
  • Very Easy 6 by 6
  • Easy 6 by 6
  • Medium 6 by 6
  • Hard 6 by 6

Here are a few sample pages for you to check out.

Checkout this fun, fall themed Sudoku pack at

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Genesis 1 Bible Quiz

Here is a fun Bible quiz to help test your knowledge.

Fill in the blank

  1. In the beginning God created the _____
  2. and God divided the light from the ____
  3. And God said, Let the waters bring forth ______ the moving creature that hath life,
  4. And God created great _____,
  5. And God made the beast of the earth after his ____,

Multiple choice

6. God gave man what type of seed to eat?

A. flowering seed B. herb bearing seed C. plant bearing seed D. tasty seed

7. God divided the day by

A. morning and evening B. midnight to midnight C. 6 to 6 D. evening and morning

8. To whom did God give every green herb for meat?

A. the beast of the earth, the fowl of the air, and every creeping thing B. mankind C. the fish of the sea D. none of the above

9. Dry land was created on which day of the week?

A. the first day B. the second day C. the third day D. the sixth day

10. Man was created on which day of the week?

A. the first day B. the third day C. the fifth day D. the sixth day E. the seventh day

11. The Bible says that the Spirit of God moved upon what?

A. the face of the waters B. over the dry hills C. flew above the clouds D. watched from afar

12. Based on Genesis, which of the following represents a matching kind?

A. a dog and a horse B. a dolphin and a lamb C a wolf and a dog D a mango tree and a chimpanzee

True and False

13. According to Genesis a kind can only bring forth animals of the same kind.

14. God created man lower than the animals.

15. The Bible says that mankind was made after the image of a single -celled animal and evolved over million of years to an advanced state.

16. The Bible declares that the creation week took six literal days.

17. God says that everything he made evolved to be good.

18. The Bible tells us that God used death and destruction to create the world we see today.

19. The Bible says that in the beginning everything was good

20. Both man and animals were given the command to be fruitful and multiply

What ruled the day?

I hope that you enjoyed this quiz and that inspires you to spend more time in the word of God.

Answer Key

  1. heaven
  2. darkness
  3. abundantly
  4. whales
  5. kind
  6. B. Herb bearing seed
  7. D. evening and morning
  8. A. the beast of the earth, the fowl of the air, and every creeping thing
  9. C. the third day
  10. D. the sixth day
  11. A. the face of the waters
  12. C a wolf and a dog
  13. True
  14. False, they were created above and given dominion over all of creation
  15. False, Genesis 1:26 states that we were made in the image of God and after his likeness
  16. True
  17. False, at the end of every creation day God declares that what He made was good and even very good
  18. False, the Bible declares that God said and it happened or came forth right away. There is no indication of long periods of time
  19. True
  20. True

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Thoughts about Faith

Faith, it is a very small word containing only five humble letters, yet it certainly is a mighty word. When everything is going right, and the road of life is quiet and well paved, it is really easy to say I have faith and think that you understand what that word really means. But how can you? What faith is required when life is at its best and want and fear have no place in your life.

What faith is required to walk on plush carpets and eat ice cream by the pool? What faith do you have to rely on when your life is like a romantic postcard or an add for a tropical resort? What exercise of heart and mind is called for when your life could be flashed up for the poster image of successful because your every want and need is met for years to come. When your beliefs line up with the crowd and are excepted at every turn as the only way to live, saying I have a measure of faith takes neither courage nor self-denial.

It is not until trial and adversity hunt your steps, when discouragement and disappointment hunt you down like a pack of hungry hound dogs that you really get a glimpse of the depths and power of faith. Because it is then that you have to chose to hold on to faith. It is then that you have to chose to grab hold and cling to faith, that it become more than words.

From our comfortable arm chairs it is easy to look back at the mighty men of faith and say, I would do the same. Or to look down at those who fell short of the mark and say, I would never do that. Nothing would make me lose my faith. I would never chose the comforts of this life over faith in Jesus. If I were in that garden, or if I had been King Saul, or if I had been so and so I would have done this and not done that.

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