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Before You Call I will Answer

Initially I had plans to write about some of the difficulties of starting an Etsy shop when you are basically housebound. That was until my uncle called and said that he was coming to deliver some stuff to our house this afternoon. Even though he was in the middle of emptying my grandmother’s apartment due to her recent death, the fact that he was making the near 3 hour round trip out of the blue struck me as odd. Due to another potential reaction to the super safe iron for pregnant women, my appointment for Monday’s iron infusion had been delayed for another week. And since he and my aunt had made the long trip to our house Sunday to deliver a bunch of furniture, this sudden, unexpected delivery caught my attention, and I could not help but think that God was sending him to our house for a bigger reason.

For the next two hours, except for the fact that both my mother and I felt miserable, things went smoothly, and it seemed that my initial instincts were unfounded. That was until I remembered that the day before we had missed a call from the hospital nurse to see how my mother was doing after her four or five day stay in the hospital almost a week ago due to extremely high blood pressure and chest pain. I did not think too much of the call, and decided that despite the pain I was in, I had better clean as many of the dishes before my uncle arrived, until my sister came rushing over with the phone and insisted that I needed to talk to the hospital nurse.

After making sure that I was her daughter, the nurse declared that especially since the cardiologist wanted to do a heart cath and my mother was complaining of chest pain that was radiating into her left arm I needed to call the cardiologist to determine if the wanted to see her right away or send her to the hospital. She said that as soon as I hung up the phone I needed to call the doctor and find out what they wanted to do. It took a couple of tries to get past the waiting music, but after about 20 minutes my sister and I were able to talk with a nurse, who immediately declared that we needed to take her to the emergency room.

Suddenly it all became clear. The Lord had answered His promise in Isaiah of

 And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. Isaiah 65: 24

It is so wonderful to know that even though we do not deserve it, God cares for us. And even when we have no clue that we will need to claim a promise, we can trust that God is already taking steps to keep His promise to answer our prayers before we even know that we have to pray it.

Thanks to a strong migraine and a flair up of my fibromyalgia, I had been feeling increasingly miserable all day long. The pain in my head, neck, and arms was so intense that I was in no condition to safely drive my mother to the emergency room and spend the next 5-12 hours sitting in rock hard chairs with no support for my head and neck.

Thankfully, the Lord, knowing the beginning from the end, knew that I would be in no condition to handle taking my mother to the emergency room, and hours before I even knew that I would need to call, He had answered the prayer for help that my aching body quickly sent up.

When my uncle made the decision to come to our house today, he thought that he was going to make a quick trip to drop off stuff. He had no clue that God was sending him to be a huge help in our time of need. But true to His word, God answered our prayer before we even knew that we needed to pray it. Hours before we knew we would need help and arranged for my uncle to arrive at house only a few minutes after the call so that he could take my mother and sister to the emergency room.

I am so grateful for the love of God and my uncle. I am so thankful to God for sending help at just the right moment. After months of pushing my body to the limit my body had hit the invisible wall and could barely function. The Lord knew that I had reached the point where it was no longer safe for me to spend half the night in the emergency room and drive home. He knew that I was an accident risk, if due to the intense pain I did not end up as a patient requiring some intense pain medicine. Then who would drive?

I am also grateful to my uncle. Because he did not have to take my mother to the ER. He could have said that he was too busy. And considering all the work that has to be done by the end of this week to clean out my grandmother’s apartment who would have blamed him. Or he could have taken my mother and sister, dropped them off at the ER, and headed home. But instead, knowing all that he has to do, he willingly took my mother to the ER and spend a large portion of the night helping my mother and sister.

I wish that I knew how to thank him for his sacrifice. If I had the money I would gladly take him out to a well deserved lunch. For now, all I can do is ask God to repay my uncle a thousand fold for his kindness, and tell one and all of God’s goodness in answering my prayer hours before I even knew that I would have to ask it.