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Just Day Dreaming

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Today I am in one of those rare moods where I want to imagine what it would be like if through some positive change in circumstances, I was finally able to have my own bathroom. For years I have hoped and prayed that some day I would at least have a chance to have my own bathroom space that I could decorate. I would love to have a theme for each season to keep things from getting boring. But if not, my top pick would be the beach.

I love going to the beach. and listening to the soothing sound of the waves and feeling that refreshing breeze against my face. I used to look forward to those 2-3 days a year that we got to stay at the beach. In honor of those precious memories, if I ever had my own bathroom, at least part of the year I would decorate it with a beach theme. For starters I would pick out a piece or two of beach-themed wall art to help create a relaxing beach mood.

With so many lovely choices, and this is just a sample of some of the art that caught my eyes, making a decision would not be easy. I would definitely have hours of pondering to figure out which one I liked best.

Then I would add a vibrant beach shower curtain. This shower curtain would definitely be high on my list as I really enjoy watching the sunrise and sunset at the beach.

If I had the space I would love to get some fun extras like this My Happy Place Plaque.

or perhaps this nautical decor piece.

or even this whimsical seashell art.

And maybe some unexpected touch like a beach-themed toilet paper holder.

or better yet, a light house to set on my countertop.

With so many possibilities I would definitely have a hard time figuring out which is my favorite. But then, since right not this is just a daydream and daydreams do not cost anything, I can choose them all.