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Time is the most valuable commodity that we have. With it we buy every aspect of our lives. From study time to family time, to the lazy afternoon at the beach, time buys it all.

Time and money are the commodities of life, but sadly too many of us think that money has the greater value of the two.


While we think of money and all it allows us to buy, dream about the lifestyle that piles of money in our bank account would allow us enjoy, we little realize that the most precious asset that we own is time. Without time a room full of gold and jewels would be of no value, it would offer us no worth.

It is only with time on our clock of life that we can think, grow, interact, and understand. It is only while we have a deposit of time in our account that we can stop and take a leisurely walk on the beach, pick up a book and read, learn a new language, enjoy a sunset, paint a mountain scene, give a hug to our loved ones, and the countless wonders that belong to the living.

Better than owning all the world’s bank vaults, is owning a deposit in the bank of time.  Because when it is gone, we lose everything.   When the last sand on our clock of time slips away money, position, fame, prestige, cabinets filled with trophies, and walls full of diploma’s mean nothing.  They can no longer do us any good.

Many of us are caught up in the fight to earn barrels of money.  Believing that money will solve all of our problems, and buy all of our joys.  But while money can give us a comfortable home, a new set of wheels, and pay for a nice vacation, money cannot buy life or true love.


Sadly most of us do not realize the value of time.  We spend our life flittering away precious moments.  Hurrying after things that will bring us no lasting joy.  Fighting to be the richest man or woman in the cemetery we fight and bicker, greedily grasping each dollar like it were some magic wand capable of curing all of our ills.

Meanwhile God’s greatest gift, life’s greatest treasure is slowly slipping through our hands.  Like pebbles thrown into a vast ocean they sink from sight never to be found again. Precious seconds, valuable moments are being lost as we urgently pan for fool’s gold.  Believing that the true key to happiness is a fancy degree, a well-lined bank account, a trendy car, the newest gadget, and the fancies home on the block. Blinded by the glitter, we follow the path mesmerized by the promise that once we posses all of these things we will know true happiness.

Not realizing that when the battery of our clock runs low, and the end of our days draws near, it is not the fancy titles and collection of blue ribbons that will give us comfort in those last hours.That it is not in these  accruements of success that we will take pleasure in as we determine if we have spent our bundle of time well.

But it is the little things, like hugs and smiles, mountain side picnics, an afternoon roller skating party, a summer road trip, or the memory of a quiet dinner for two that will suddenly shine like gold encased jewels sparkling under a noon day sun. Either with satisfaction or a tinge of regret we will look back and remember these rare treasures.

Maintaining life may mean that we cannot spend all our time in the flower garden, but what is life without a few flowers to grace our table?



In the final hour, as the moment of our last breath draws near, with a tear too many will realize that job tittles and bank accounts are only the tool of and not life.  That real life is the time spent with friends and family enjoying their company and holding them close.

Perhaps it is time to take the advice of the financial experts and take a step back sand evaluate if we are using our best asset to its fullest, and earning the best bang for our limited dollar of time.

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    Sadly all to often we forget that time is what life is made of. Therefore we waste away the moments not realizing that they quickly become the lost minutes, hours, days, weeks, even months and years we will one day wish that we could live all over again. I often wonder how different we would live our lives it we did take those few moments to remember and evaluate our use of time. This world might be a different place if we did.


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