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If Only I Had Been a Better Example

As I see the strange events happening all around me, it moves my heart.  I feel a deep ache as I think about the millions and billions of people out there who have never heard of the love of God. Or worse yet, by the poor example of world loving Christian’s such as myself, have seen nothing to draw them to God.

Sadly the cares, the delights, the fleeting promises of this world, have all to often captured my attention.


More times than I would like to admit, I have been drawn to the things of this world.  My eye has been caught by the glitter and gloss that the devil holds out like a carrot stick that he promises to give us a heaping bite of it only we will take this step and then that step until we find ourselves slipping into over the precept and falling into the gully of ruin.

When I see how close we are to the return of Jesus, a thought which on one hand fills me with joy, on the other hand it feels me with regret as I see the precious hours that I have wasted and the poor example that I have been. As I think of the joys that He has promised, of the delight of throwing off my glasses and saying goodbye to my aching body, a deep sadness fills my heart as I wonder if by my neglect there will be or two missing from the kingdom of Heaven who might have been there if I had taken the time to reach out and share with them the word of God or had been a better example of the purity and loving master I claimed to serve.

When I see how close we are on the prophetic clock to the close of probation and the Second Coming, my heart aches with the troubling thought that when the judgment books are opened, I will find out that I am in part or whole responsible for a missing soul.  That due to my unwillingness to get out of my comfort zone and because of my poor example, I gave the impression that seeking salvation was not as important as my words implied.  That by my poor habits and acceptance of the world, someone who might otherwise have been saved, looked at my fault filled life and infatuation with the things of this earth, and declared, “What’s so special about being a Christian, as far as I can see they are no different than the rest of the world.”

As I see the nearness of that hour when sin shall be no more, when the promise of that heavenly home is almost a reality, tears fill my eyes as I wonder what might have been if by voice, by pen, and by action I had more fully revealed the beauty of my Lord.  Is it possible that souls now burdened by doubt, despair, hopelessness, and fear might now be rejoicing in the promise of life eternal.  Walking with their heads held high and their burdens  light because they had heard the beautiful promise of Isaiah,

For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee. Isaiah 41:13.

And by personal experience have found this promise to be true.

How heavy is my heart when I think of the precious souls that my unfaithfulness have weakened and may have even turned away from taking their place in that glorious throng.

My prayer is that from this day on I will be a better example, and that I will do my best to invite everyone I can to accept the offer of a room in the heavenly home.


As I think of these things heavy things all I can do is pray to God for forgiveness and ask Jesus for the strength, for the courage, for the fortitude to follow His example and seek by precept and example to invite all to the victory banquet.  To give Him every corner of my heart and soul.  Refusing to hold back one corner of my heart and soul from His refining inspection.

Willing at last to give up my comfort, my worldly desires in order to call everyone one I can home.  Calling all whom God puts within my sphere of influence to the wedding banquet so they can march those golden streets and wear the crown of victory.  So they can know the joy of a day that has no end and knows no sorrow.

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