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Life is Calling and I am Stuck on the Sofa

From my spot on the sofa I can watch the first dry summer breeze as it ripples through the leaves of the oaks in my backyard.  A small family of red coated cardinals is playing tag in my neighbors yard while lazy marshmallow clouds decorate the crisp blue sky.  In the distance I can hear the sounds of kids splashing in a pool while their watching parents talk with friends from the comfort of their shady porch.

It is summer and life is calling. Calling me to get up fertilize  and weed my little backyard garden, to admire the saucer size peach and red hibiscus flowers, or to pick a pepper the size of my hand.  Life is calling my name begging me to cut and sew a cool summer blouse, to reorganize my closet, to spend an hour at the gym, to try a recipe for blueberry pie, or curl up in a corner with my favorite book.


It should have been a good time to curl up with a book.


Life and duty are begging me to jump to my feet and organize the growing stack of important papers cluttering my desk next to a plastic bag with the pretty beach themed tooth brush and soap dish I found on sale early last month.  On the dining room table sits a half finished two thousand piece puzzle, that should have only taken me a few weeks, sits idle.  A notebook of poems waiting to be typed and neatly printed gathers dust on my night stand.

The next book in a short series that I have been writing to amuse myself has slowed to a sloth’s crawl.  Sixty pages in my once energetic pen has put aside, leaving my main character surrounded by a mob of unfeeling eyes.  Waiting for her and unfortunate companion to be rescued from the clutches of a vengeance bent mob.

Life is calling and here I remain glued to my sofa. My laptop laying silently in a corner, is now rarely opened before noon. As propped up with a handful of pillows I spend my time looking out my window watching the breeze play reluctantly listening to the drone of the TV, my main lifeline to the outside world.


Anemia has once again left me on the sidelines waiting for the energy to participate in life.


As once again I have become the reluctant prisoner of the iron deficiency anemia that leaves me too tired to hold up my head, my concentration in shredded shambles, my lungs gasping for air, my head spinning in endlessly looping circles, and my chest doing flip flops with the mildest strain. Leaving me  for a time to watch life with all of its inviting wonder to pass by my window. Waiting for the energy to once again answer life’s intriguing call.

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