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Energy: A Simple Six Letter Word with a lot of Meaning

Energy, a six letter word meaning 1. the capacity for vigorous activity; available power: 2. an adequate or abundant amount of such power( Most of us take this six letter word for granted.  Assuming that it has always been there when we need it, and will always be there when the situation demands. Merrily bouncing around without giving thought to just how important a role energy plays in our daily life.  Never realizing that from the moment we open our eyes until the moment we go to bed we are using the precious resources of energy to do even the most mundane task such as blink, cough, hiccup, or breathe.  Jumping out of bed we head straight into our favorite routines little realizing the debt of gratitude we owe to energy as it fuels our daily task, ensures our memories, and guards us from the drain of an unexpected squeal of brakes or unwanted surprise exam.


If it were not for energies quiet but crucial role, we would never be able to pass a test or endure the daily grind of life.



Like a silent guardian, energy is on hand to save the day when an unexpected tap on the shoulder is accompanied by the disturbing question, “Hi there so and so, do you remember me?” In that frightful moment, as our brain helplessly whirls in bewilderment, energy firmly steps up to the plate, fueling our ragged nerves and giving them the strength to instantly search the deepest recesses of our database to find and safely deliver the correct name to our tongue.

Without a word of thanks energy helps to fill our lungs, runs the delicate pumping system that keeps us alive, all while giving bounce to our step and bringing a smile to our face. Receiving little of the credit, energy helps us to accomplish everything from acing a job interview to passing our driving exam.  Without energy’s silent presence it would be impossible to study, to work, to drive, to sing, to plant a garden, to cook, to eat, to dress, to do laundry, to march, to hike, to bike, to read, to shop, to talk on the phone for hours, to check our email.  In other words, without energy it would be impossible to do the most important task of life, to be ourselves.

All this and more we owe that modest, unassuming, six letter word that never steals the credit when with glowing face we describe the thrill of climbing a mountain,  finish a round of golf, write a stellar research paper, win the spelling championship, sew a new dress, or paint the wonder of a golden sunset. Never in a million years would we think to include a thanks to energy in a valedictorian or  name it as one of most valuable supporters in an awards ceremonies speech.


Despite the fact that it plays a crucial role in ensuring our success, no one ever bothers to acknowledge energy and the role it plays in helping us to graduate or win a coveted award.



As long as energy is there to do its faithful job we will gladly assume all the credit, take all of the bows.  Boasting how our genius and our talent saved the day.  Little realizing that without this powerful alley by our sides quietly holding our hands our nerves of steel and our mental prowess would be naught.

But let energy slip, let energy take a brief fall, or lose its best friend iron; and suddenly we will know, suddenly we will understand how big a role energy plays in the day to day function of our lives.  Suddenly we realize a world of meaning hiding in that simple seeming six letter word that to our surprise holds a major key to unlocking or locking the door to our success.

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