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Happiness is Partly Attitude

Have you ever heard the saying, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.  In part that is true.  There is so much about life that we cannot control. No matter how hard I wish, I cannot change my age, my height, the place I was born, or my genetic code.

From time to time life will hand us some pretty sour lemons.  When it does, that is our time to seek the courage to make a glass of lemonade.


Sometimes even in areas where we think that we should have control, such as going to school and choosing a career.  With our plans all laid out, our eye on the port of choice, we set sail.  Certain that we will reach our dreams it never crosses our mind that other factors such as lack of money, family issues, and health can steal our plate of  velvet cake and leave us holding a basket of sour lemons.

It is at that moments such as these, when life hands us our greatest disappointments, that our true character and ability to maintain happiness shines. It is at this crucial moment that we have a decision to make that will impact the course of our live. We can chose to take the easy road and let the wave of disappointment swallow us up and give into the urge to slip comfortably into the satisfying robe of self-pity  and burry our head under the covers. Or we can decide to take our basket and make lemonade.  To get out of bed and do something that will put a smile on our face and take the first step towards choosing happiness.



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    There is nothing wrong with feeling sad or disappointed. The danger comes when we want to give into those emotions. This article is right, there are times that we our choices or reactions play a role in creating or destroying our happiness. Sometimes much happiness is lost because we give up the fight to find a reason to be happy.


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