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Sabbath Afternoon Fun:Bible Quiz Word Search Edition Psalms 139:13-14

Happy Sabbath. I know that I am feeling extra grateful for the Sabbath right now as things have been rather crazy around here. Our house is sold and we have to find a new home within the next few days, but it seems like as soon as our house sold the market dried up. It is a very discouraging situation, but we are determined to put our trust in God as we lift our voice in prayer and pleading to Him multiple times a day.

During this time of stress it is a great blessing to be able to put aside the stress of house hunting and simply commune with God. How wonderful it is to have a day where the stress of this life can be laid aside for a few hours, yet still able to lift up our petitions to His compassionate ear.

May you find rest from your burdens this Sabbath day and know the pleasure of laying all your cares and worries upon Him.