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Wish List: My Perfect Comfy Office Chair

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It is nearing midnight, and I am desperate for sleep. But my little dog Happy who was diagnosed with diabetes a few months ago, was struggling to fall asleep. So like a restless wave he was marching back and forth. We tried taking him outside, adjusting his bed, giving him water, but nothing worked. The only hope was for me to crawl out of bed, turn my computer on, and play some soothing hymns to help him relax and fall asleep.

Unfortunately that not only means that I have to give up my sleep, but I have to spend an hour or two stuck in an uncomfortable garden chair. I used to have an office chair, but after ten plus years of service it had reached the point that its cover was peeling all over the floor (which was not good because if Happy is feeling hungry he will lick the floor in hopes of finding a tasty treat), and it had worn in such a way that it would kick me out of the chair. Finally, since it had reached the point that the outdoor chair was actually more comfortable than it, that it had seen better days.

So now, instead of being able to lean back and relax while the music plays, I have to struggle to find a semi comfortable spot and struggle to do something while I wait for Happy to relax enough so I can crawl into bed.

As I sit here, I find myself wishing for the perfect comfy chair. But what makes the perfect comfy chair. Getting another office chair is the cheaper solution, only it is not very comfortable for a day that I have to spend a couple of hours sitting at my desktop to accomplish a must do task that can only be done at my desktop next to the printer and important files.

While looking for my dream chair I stumbled upon a gaming chair that looked like it would be a step above the office chair as it offered a pull out that would allow me to lean back and rest my feet.

The ability to lean back and put up my feet would definitely be an improvement, especially on a night when I am feeling to nauseated to stay in bed or I have to be up for several hours playing music so Happy can relax enough to fall asleep.

But while it is a step above a regular office chair, its not a great choice for a day when my fibromyalgia is acting up or I have to spend more than twenty minutes at my computer desk. Normally, thanks to the pain, to get anything done I have to place several pillows on the arm of the sofa so I can semi recline. While the gaming chair allows me to put up my feet, it does not allow me to curl up in a sort of a ball and lean to the side with a pillow.

A recliner chair would make a great choice as it would allow me to curl up a bit more, and lean to the side. And if I were able to get a recliner with heat or message abilities it would make the rare long day at my desk far more endurable.

A chair like that would really be a plus, and might encourage me to spend more time at my desk. But the problem is that as comfortable as it might be, it would make getting in and out of my desk very difficult. The benefit of an office or gaming chair is that it can roll to and from the desk and swivel about making getting in and out from behind the desk much easier.

If only I could find a chair that combined the best of both worlds, a swivel recliner on sturdy wheels. The closest that I have been able to find to my perfect comfy office chair is a swivel recliner. It at least would allow me to swing around so I could get in and out from behind the desk. It would allow me to curl up and lean my head upon a pillow on the side of the desk. When I got too tired I could lift up my legs and lean back and take a needed rest.

And I even found some that go the extra mile and offer heat and message which would certainly help me on an especially rough day.

As wonderful as this chair would be, it still has one major drawback (besides price), as an office chair, and that is while it would allow me to turn to the side to get in and out, because it lacks wheels I cannot easily make a forward or backward adjustment. If it is too far or close to the desk it would be hard to make the needed adjustment.

Certainly if I had the money it would be worth the try. And as long as I could get in and out of my desk, it would be a comfortable improvement until someone was able to invent my dream comfy office chair, a large, cushy, swivel recliner that would allow me to curl up into a comfortable position on very sturdy wheels so I could adjust it to just the right distance from my computer or bed.